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October 2006, the City began developing a plan (Core to Shore) to encourage and guide redevelopment of an appromixately 700 acre area between dowtown and the Oklahoma River. The Core to Shore plan has been initiated in responce to the new I-40 alignment, which is scheduled for completion in 2012. A new at-grade boulevard will be constructed on the old I-40 alignment between Walker and Oklahoma.


Major aspects of the Core to Shore plan include

  • Creation of a world-class, pedestrian-friendly boulevard

  • Development of a 40-acre central park

  • Development of business, retail and mixed use housing along the central park

  • Building of a Convention Center and Convention Center hotel

  • Relocation of some of the existing businesses and homes in the area


Other major goals of the Core to Shore study are to

  • Promote new economic development to continue and accelerate the existing downtown momentum

  • Ensure a world class design for the new boulevard so that it serves as the City’s front door and acatalyst for development

  • Ensure high quality in all new development, raise the bar on perceptions of Oklahoma City

  • Create a strong physical connection from downtown to the river

  • Ensure strong pedestrian connectivity throughout the study area

  • Create a new urban district attractive and accessible to all City residents and visitors

  • Plan for future needs, such as transit

Phase I – 2008-2014

In Phase I, the boulevard and adjoining space will be developed; Myriad Gardens will be improved; south of the boulevard a convention hotel is proposed south of the Ford Center, below which a new convention center will be constructed; west of the convention hotel and convention center, a public area would be created, with the "Great Lawn" on the north and "Central Park" on the south, followed by attention to Union Station at the south end of the public area; west of this public area no the north, the initial phase of "West Park," an apartment area would become available for private development, as would a small piece of the Wheeler Park residential development located southwest of that. 

Phase II – 2012-2020

Phase II envisions completion of the West Park residential area on the west and construction of an Events Center west of Union Station; south of the relocated Crosstown, on the west, Little Flower Plaza would be developed possibly including a school/community center and perhaps a branch library; east of the Little Flower Plaza, public areas exist along the north below which is the North Shore Mews residential area, below which is the River Towers, an apartment/condo area on the north side of the Oklahoma River; east of that center area, a Prominade Park public area is shown. 

Phase III – 2018 and Beyond

Phase III is the most speculative and will not presently be involved in any December 2009 ballot, I don't think. See the "Phase III Exclusions" discussion below which discusses the possibility of changing at least part of that so that the Oil Producer's Coop south of Bricktown would be the location of the new convention center. The committee report for Phase III development contemplates a multi-modal transit center north of the new boulevard and east of the BNSF railroad tracks at the west side of Lower Bricktown; it foresees a more complete development of the Wheeler Park residential areas, as well as other private developments on the south and east. 

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