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Question:  I’m needing to find new office space.  How do I find what I’m looking for and how do I know what the market rates are?


Answer:  Commercial Real Estate, unlike residential, does not have a uniform searchable data base that is available to all real estate professionals.  There are however, commercial searchable data bases that NAI Sullivan Group subscribes to that have 95% of the available and not available properties catalogued.  We can provide the statistics of available properties for sale and for lease to you at no cost and give you an analysis of the marketplace, both in terms of lease rates and sales prices and what is available for sale or lease.


Question:  I need to see what my property is worth.  What would it cost and what is the process to determine the value?


NAI Sullivan Group has commercial real estate specialists that only do one type of product, be it retail, industrial, office, multifamily, or investment property.  We catalogue recent sales and leases and know what has recently been sold and leased thereby establishing a “market price” of value.  There is usually no charge for this evaluation as it is a part of our service.  Just contact us at 405-840-0600 and we’ll start the process.


Question:  The company that manages my property seems to have multiple charges for their management services.  Is this common practice?


Answer:  No, it’s not.  Generally, NAI Sullivan Group charges a set monthly fee or percentage of the gross revenue to manage commercial real estate.  Many times, the management fees are a part of the charges to the tenant, referred to as CAM (Common Area Maintenance) charges.  If you are questioning the charges being charged by your management company we would be available to review those charges and determine if they are standard for the industry.


Question:  How do I determine the amount of office space that I need for the number of people in our office?


Answer:  See our office space calculator below.  Just fill in the number of different office spaces for the people in your office setting and anticipated growth and it will calculate the office space you need.